Ebru Suda graduated from Dokuz Eylul University – Faculty of Fine Arts – Cinema, Television and Screenwriting Department. She was one of the founders of Izmir International Short Film Festival and she took charge as Festival Coordinator in the Festival Committee for 6 years. After working as a copywriter in different creative and advertising agencies, she started to work at Sis Production Company as the Production Coordinator and took part in many TV series and film projects.

She founded Es Music in 2014. The company focuses on publishing and music copyright consultancy.

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We present all the musical works of the artists in our catalogue worldwide.

It is our main goal to follow up all the royalties and complete the permission and registration processes of these works. We also promote all the works in our catalogue to be used in various projects such as feature films, series, documentaries and advertisements.


As a music copyright consultant, we ensure the creative selection of musical works suitable for the spirit of the project, including the production of original score for all feature films and TV series we provide service.

In addition to this, we also reach out all the right holders (authors, composers, performer artists, publishers, master owner etc.) of the musical works to be used in the projects and carry out all the necessary legal procedures for the licensing of the works.


Please contact to [email protected] for more information.